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Anyone who is still looking for a reliable sportsbook, or is new to sport betting, has some investigational work ahead. Sport bets and online casino gambling have increased at an exponential rate since the birth of the internet. Unfortunately, there has been a large number of unscrupulous online sports book sites and casino gambling operators whose only business is swindling money from the recreational bettor. Thankfully, there are plenty of legitimate online sports wagering sites from which to choose.

In order to select an online sportsbook that will best fit your needs, you may need to evaluate your betting history. This will help determine what sports, or what type of sport bets, you wager most. If you have not bet on sports events in the past, it is likely you will mostly wager on sports you enjoy watching on television.

Perhaps the single most important question to ask before depositing money into an online sportsbook is: Do they pay? Begin research by visiting the many sports betting forums that have appeared on the Internet for the benefit of internet sports betting. Do not make the mistake in thinking that every sportsbook who advertises online, or any sports gambling discussion group forum is legitimate.

Many so called sportsbook wagering watchdog sites are nothing more than internet portals whose owners have not opened an account, placed a wager or successfully completed a withdrawal from the advertisers on their sites. You are better off seeking the opinions of the forum posters by either posting questions or using the forums search feature to investigate sportsbooks of interest. One should make a list of online sportsbooks that focus on sports you like to bet, or which are compatible with your wagering style based on what you have learned from forum posters.

A quick and simple way to dodge the scammers and narrow your list is to go to any search engine and type in the name of the sportsbook casino... along with the word, + SCAM. Your search box query would look like this: questionable sportsbook + scam. The next step would be to eliminate those sportsbooks whose names pop up, as there is obviously a disgruntled customer who has filed a complaint, somewhere, somehow, and now it is open for exposure.

One can also start eliminating online sportsbooks from consideration if they do not offer either reduced juice, opinionated lines or substantial sign up and reload bonuses. Beware of any online sports book that offers all three incentives as they may be scams and most likely will not be in business for long.

Most nearly every online sportbook regularly offers cash bonuses in order to attract new business, or keep loyal customers who are habitual losers. Online sports books offering larger then normal sign up and reload bonuses are targeting recreational bettors, those same habitual losers who always pick the losing side. No professional sports book is interested in acquiring professional gamblers, who rarely lose, as customers.

Nearly every online sportbook offers a standard bonus equal to 10% of your initial deposit but there many online sports books who have sign up and reload bonuses of 20% or more. Some sportsbooks provide gamblers with the option of wagering at reduced juice versus receiving sign up and reload bonuses. In my opinion every sports bettor needs at least one reduced juice sportsbook in his corral.

It is highly recommended, you have at least three fully funded online sportsbook wagering accounts... even if you only wager on one or two sports. It is difficult to be a profitable sports bettor without the ability to shop for the best line, or to benefit by betting both sides of the same game when pointspreads fluctuate greatly either because of injuries, rumours or unreported facts.

Here is just a simple example, and is not based on any fact. Sportsbook A has an NFL team favored by 7 and a half, over a visiting opponent. Rumours begin to swirl that the Team Doctor is treating the entire offensive line for some kind of bacterial infection which has them sufferiing from intestinal disorders. Perhaps it was the result of a recent foray to a seafood restaurant which served up contaminated shellfish and has now been closed by the Health department. Sportsbook B has heard the rumours and now the Home Team is favored by 4, instead of the original 7 and a half. Sportsbook C has not heard any rumours and their line has the Home team favored by 8, thanks to a huge bet made earlier in the day.

Rumours, injuries, unreported facts. There may be no truth to any of this. However, the savvy sports bettor will move in on the Visiting Team with a big bet at Sportsbook A (+7 and a half) and Sportsbook C (+8), and will come into Sportsbook B with an even bigger wager on the Home Team ( MINUS 4), to equalize his betting action. Should the Home team win by a final score of 21-17, or any point differential of minus 5, 6 or 7, the smart sports book gambler will sweep the board with his three winning wagers.

With a little due diligence and research, one can ensure the safety of betting funds, benefit from promotional bonuses and win more on every wager by taking advantage of point spread variations in competing online sportsbooks. It doesn't take a Genius to become a better sports bettor, whether you prefer the NFL, the British Premier League, FIFA, the NBA or the NCAA basketball games.
As long as there are bettors looking for value, there will be point spread variations to make us all sports investors rather than sportsbook gamblers.

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